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About the Author
     Carlo is a writer and digital artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been online since before the creation of the World Wide Web, and his short stories have appeared in various electronic publications. Several years ago he took a break from writing to pursue digital art, but has now returned and plans to write a series of interactive stories.

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An Unexpected Detour Leads to Danger!

     Inspired by the classic "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, Strange Times on Zzyzx Road puts you in the role of a student just out of high school, who goes on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with two friends. When the three of you take an unplanned joyride down the mysterious Zzyzx Road, you encounter a time warp that leads to a number of strange adventures. Depending on the choices you make, you might be captured by a secret underground society, encounter terrifying creatures from a parallel dimension, or find yourself trapped in the unimaginably distant future.

     There are 13 possible endings, and the reader is encouraged to uncover them all, in order to understand the nature of the unusual events on Zzyzx Road.

Answers to Questions
Is Zzyzx Road a real place?
     Yes, it's an actual road, located on Interstate 15 in California, between the towns of Baker and Barstow.

Did you actually drive down that road?
     No, I looked it up on Google Earth. 😃

What was the inspiration for the book?
     On drives between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I would always see the exit sign for the road and wonder at the oddness of the name. So I imagined that there were strange things afoot....

Why the interactive fiction model for the book?
     I figured there had to be more than one kind of strangeness at the end of the road!