About the Author
     Carlo is a writer and digital artist living in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been online since before the creation of the World Wide Web, and his short stories have appeared in various electronic publications. Several years ago he took a break from writing to pursue digital art, but has now returned and plans to write a series of novels and interactive stories. He has also achieved the CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications.

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Coming Soon!

      Carlo has written a new science-fiction novel and is currently in the editing process. It will hopefully be ready for publication by the end of this year, but stay tuned for further developments.


Strange Times on Zzyzx Road

Strange Times on Zzyzx Road       You are a student just out of high school, who goes on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with two friends. When the three of you take an unplanned joyride down the mysterious Zzyzx Road, you encounter a time warp that leads to a number of strange adventures. Depending on the choices you make, you might be captured by a secret underground society, encounter terrifying creatures from a parallel dimension, or find yourself trapped in the unimaginably distant future.

Escape from Libra Island

Escape from Libra Island       This interactive novel puts you in the role of an adventurer sailing across the South Pacific. When a storm strands you on the island with little water and no food, you're forced to explore the interior. What you discover depends on the choices you make.